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Mathematical Biostatistics Boot Camp 1

Coursera, Johns Hopkins
Thorough, but quite mathsy and formula-heavy. No programming required.

Statistics 2.*x (1 to 3)

EdX, Berkeley
Basic intro to statistics and probability. Extremely well-taught

Data Science Specialization

Coursera, Johns Hopkins
A series of ten courses including data processing, R programming, and statistics

Online Resources

Handbook of Biological Statistics

John H. McDonald
A comprehensive and well-written online textbook on biological data analysis

How to Share Data with a Statistician
This excellent guide by Jeffrey Leek from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health explains how best to prepare, process and annotate raw data before sending it to a statistician for analysis. Also helpful if you do your own data analysis!

What Statistical Test should I use?
Table of setatistical tests
Institute for Digital Research and Education, UCLA

Power and Sample Size Programs
List of resources for power and sample size calculations
UCSF Division of Biostatistics