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Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python)
Coursera, University of Michigan

Course review (by Anna Padanyi)

Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Phyton) ( is an online course on Coursera provided by the University of Michigan and is the first course of Python for Everybody Specialisation (5 courses) ( The whole specialization aims at learning to program and analyze data with Python.

This specific course however serves as an introduction to programming in general and Python as a programming language. There is no requirement of previous knowledge; it really starts at the beginning describing what is a program and why we program. On the other hand, this is also the reason for the fact that by the end of this course one has only a small, basic, background knowledge of programming in Python (variables, conditionals, functions, loops) which is perfectly adequate to built upon by further courses but is nowhere near the level required to allow application to biological problems / enable analysis of experimental data.

The course is delivered through videos and there are always some exercises (called assignments) for practice. Also the book (on which the course is based) is available for free as well as the slides used. Additionally there are student curated notes to help the learning progress too.

The workload of the course was increasing with later chapters but it was always absolutely manageable (even while attending university) and never required more than 3-4 hours per week. Therefore the tempo is quite reasonable too.

I would suggest this course for complete beginners who are interested in programming and/or data analysis.

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