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Getting help

HMS Research Computing

Computing support, consulting, and classes

IDAC - Image and Data Analysis Core at Harvard Medical School


Harvard Catalyst Biostatistical Consulting Program


Harvard Catalyst Bioinformatics Consulting


Quant Comp Bio Listserv



If taking classes for credit, check with your program administrator that the class is approved for credit within your program.

Bioinformatics and Integrative Genomics (BIG) Classes

Bioinformatics, computational, and genomics classes

Countway Library classes

A range of classes on general computing skills, bioinformatics, statistical tools, data management etc.

MCB 111: Mathematics in Biology

Develops the mathematics needed for quantitative understanding of biological phenomena including data analysis, simple models, and framing quantitative questions. Topics include probability, transforms and linear algebra, and dynamical systems, each motivated by current biological research.
Michael Manish Desai and Erel Levine
Spring term

Systems Biology 200. Dynamic and Stochastic Processes in Cells

Rigorous introduction to (i) dynamical systems theory as a tool to understand molecular and cellular biology (ii) stochastic processes in single cells, using tools from statistical physics and information theory.
Johan M. Paulsson, Jeremy M. Gunawardena
Fall term

BIO 508: Genomic Data Manipulation

Introduction to genomic data analysis using python
Very intense, but well worth it
C. Huttenhower
Spring term

Neuro 306qc: Quantitative Methods Boot Camp

Introduction to programming, statistics and image analysis using MATLAB
M. Springer, R. Born
May and August offerings (2 weeks each)

All Biostatistics classes at HSPH


Nanocourses at HMS

Nanocourses are short (typically 2-day) courses on specific subjects. Nanocourses on computational/quantitative topics offered in the past included courses on Data Analysis, Quantitative Imaging and of Modeling Infectious Disease. Check the nanocourse website for currently available courses.